Trimble TSC2 Rechargeable Battery PowerBoot Module

Battery module fits Trimble TSC2 3.8V Lithium Ion; 6600mAh

The PowerBoot Module includes the batteries to power the unit, the power port used to charge the unit, and the I/O ports that are used to communicate with other devices (such as a PC) using a USB or serial cable.

Battery life: Battery life is very dependent upon the application and operating environment. You can expect about 30 hours of battery life. Typical usage includes using the unit in moderate or high outside temperatures without using the backlight, and using low power CF and SD cards, such as memory cards. 

Cold temperatures, heavy use of the backlight and the use of high power consumption CF cards (such as GPS) will all significantly reduce the battery life.

Tips for extending the battery life:

- Use the backlight only when necessary. Use the Fn Power keys to toggle the backlight on and off. Tap Settings / System / Backlight to minimize the amount of time the backlight stays on when the unit is idle.

- Use the most energy efficient CF cards that are available for your application and use them only when necessary to perform the desired task.

- Use the embedded wireless capability (Bluetooth or wLAN) only when necessary. Turn off (turn Flight Mode on) when not in use.

- When working in cold temperatures, keep the unit as warm as possible. If feasible, keep the unit inside your coat or in a vehicle when not in use.

Battery warnings: There are two different warnings that will indicate when the battery life is getting low:

Low battery warning


Critical battery warning

The Main Battery Low warning notifies you when your battery level reaches a low level and needs to be recharged. You have only 5% or less of your battery life remaining, so start saving your data as soon as possible. The Main Battery Very Low warning indicates that the battery level is at a critically low level and you may have only minutes before the unit shuts itself off. Save your work immediately and turn the unit off.

NOTE: Be aware that the accuracy of the battery warnings will vary depending upon temperature, power consumption, and applications. Experimentation with your particular situation will give you a better feel for how the warnings correspond to actual remaining battery life.

If the battery level gets too low, the unit will go into an emergency suspend and will turn itself off. Either charge the PowerBoot Module or swap it out with a fully-charged PowerBoot.

Charging the batteries: The PowerBoot Module can be charged either in or out of the unit.

The AC charger comes with adapters that will fit most electrical outlets worldwide. Attach the appropriate adapter that fits your electrical outlets to the charger. To charge the battery, plug the AC charger into the wall socket. Insert the DC jack barrel connector into the power port on the PowerBoot Module. The unit will be fully charged in approximately 4.5 hours. The acceptable temperature range for charging the battery is between +5°C and +35°C (+41°F and +95°F).

The PowerBoot Module also has an LED that provides an indication of charging status. The LED states are shown in the following table.

OffNo charger present, or charger unplugged.
Fast blinkFast charge.
Slow blinkTopoff charge.
OnCharging complete.
Error conditions:
One short flashBattery temperature too cold to charge.
Two short flashesBattery temperature too hot to charge.
Three short flashesWrong charger.

Normal usage:

NOTE: When the unit is finished charging and is still connected to the AC charger, the status found in Settings / System / Power will report the battery power remaining as if it is still on battery power. 

Swapping the PowerBoot Module: The PowerBoot Module is designed to be quickly swapped in the field. If the current PowerBoot Module runs low on power, replace the Module and continue with your work. (This assumes that you have purchased additional PowerBoot Modules.) When turned off, the unit saves enough power that you can swap the battery without triggering a hard reset if you can swap in the new PowerBoot Module within a couple of minutes. If the saved power runs out before the new PowerBoot is connected, the unit will perform a hard reset when the PowerBoot Module is reattached. All data, configuration, drivers and settings not saved in Built-in Storage or on a flash memory card will be lost. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you perform a Sprite Backup before swapping the PowerBoot Module. See the Backup and Restore section for more information.

To change a PowerBoot Module, perform the following steps:

1. Back up your data to Built-in Storage using the pre-installed

Sprite Backup program. (See information on Backup and Restore).

2. Press the Power key and turn the unit on. (The unit will automatically turn itself off when you loosen the screws in step 4.)

3. Remove the hand strap from the unit.

4. Using a screwdriver, a coin, or the flat head of the stylus, unlock the 2 screws on the PowerBoot Module by turning them counter-clockwise until the PowerBoot can be removed. Unscrewing the screws turns the unit off and puts it in a special state that prevents it from turning on during alarms and notifications.

5. Remove the PowerBoot Module by taking it out of the unit.

6. Quickly insert the new PowerBoot Module onto the unit.

7. Screw the PowerBoot Module securely into place by turning the 2 screws clockwise until they are fastened.

8. Replace the hand strap.

9. Press the Power key and turn the unit on.

NOTE: The screws MUST be tightened before turning the unit on or data could be lost.

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Trimble TSC2 Rechargeable Battery, Trimble TSC2 PowerBoot Module

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